The History & Music

Like Goliards of old, The PHEROMONES crisscrossed North America in the 1980’s and ’90s lampooning the local clergy and constabulary and anyone else who fell into their satirical cross-hairs.

From the epicenter of chicanery and peccadilloes depravity, Washington, D.C., the ‘Mones took on the right wing, the arms industry, lawyers, yuppies, and the makers of non-dairy coffee creamers, with hilarious songs, gaffs, jokes, and pink balloons. Theirs was the serious business of American-style free speech and satire. They called it Pop-Relevant Cabaret because they used pop musical themes to write and perform relevant songs in a cabaret setting.

The PHEROMONES are infamous for songs such as “Yuppie Drone,” “L-L-Liberal,” “This Speech is Free,” “Shy Kidneys,” “(It Ain’t Easy Bein’) Green, and “The Supreme Court,” and have spread their Loyal Opposition all across the globe. Until this page is complete, experience The PHEROMONES here!

Jimmy and Alvis Pheromone, (twin brothers whose parents were killed in a media blitz) performed upwards of 200 nights a year, recorded 4 major albums, 8 music videos, and their independent sound reached around the world. If you missed them, shame on you (not having been born yet is no excuse). Their music is now more pop-relevant than ever! Watch this space for more from the ‘Mones! And see for yourself, that, laughter and music can and will, change the world!