Junk Shop Window

A visit to the Wordsworth Trust in Grasmere, England, results in a meeting with a telepathic dog. A trip to see the Irish Rovers on St Patrick’s Day becomes slapstick worthy of the I Love Lucy Show, An attempt to record the right background sounds for a Sherlock Holmes radio play opens a doorway in time to the world of a century ago. And Hermes, the Greek messenger god, appears in various guises, relaying sometimes cryptic, sometimes life-saving messages.

In these pages, Patterson offers us a curiosity shop of the mind, in which everyday encounters yield unexpected gems. Seen through this author’s eyes, our contemporary world is full or portals into myth and history, leading to serious questions about the nature of time itself. Add a little alchemy, a dash of metaphysics, some scholarship, and some well-earned humor, and you’re inside Junk Shop Window, where every experience gleams with insight, and the world is at once more strange and more deeply beautiful than you ever knew.

Coming June 6, 2023

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