Rose Solari

Poetry, Prose and news from our favorite poet, lecturer and playwrite (

The Writer’s Center

An outpost of Civilization in the Capital of the Empire (

Gargoyle Magazine


WordWrights Magazine


The Henry Miller Museum


Sante Fe Writers Project


An Independant Press With Some Pizzazz!

Left Coast Writers


A Bastion For New Writers Located in The Bay Area

Chris Andrews Publications

Beautiful Photography from England Now a Literary Publisher too!

(Look Here!)


Alan Sonneman

Photo realism running amok (

Meinrad Craighead

Spiritual autobiography in oil paint or charcoal (

Hankins/Lawrence Photography

Empire views (

Jason Swain

The Crocodile Hunter’s pall and look-alike can paint your pet! (



Pop-Relevant Cabaret from those wacky satirists Jimmy & Alvis Pheromone

(Find’m Here!)

Willy Porter

Keeping the midwestern tradition of heart and soul in music alive, oh, and a terrific guitar player too! (

Brendan Mulvihill

Quite simply the greatest Irish Fiddle player in the world! (


SportsFan Magazine

Radical interpretations of the sports that drive us crazy (

The Soggy Dollar Bar

The best bar in the world, if you can get there (

Wes Johnson

The biggest Johnson I know (

Cap’n Cable

The Sonova Seafarin’ Sumpthin’er Other!

(Find’m Here!)

The Gonzo Store

Hunter S Thompson Might Be Gone But Gonzo Lives On!


The Big Lebowski

Gotta Have it!



The Daily Howler

Comedian Bob Somersby can get really serious, and he’s serious about politics!


The Progessive Populist

A Bi-Monthly Compendium Of America’s Greatest Progressive Thinkers


The American Prospect

The Inside Scoop On Liberal Intelligence