Honk If You Want Rush Limbaugh To Fail!

Republicans have become like mean little Boy Scouts gone wrong. They no longer wish to help granny cross the street, they won’t share their dessert, and they refuse to sit with the foreign kid at school. Now, like mean little brats, they openly decree that if they can’t play Captain, they want to sink the boat?

On a recent trip to England, I had one important question to ask, and I asked it of every English man and woman I met, “Are Tories here in England big assholes like Republicans are back in the States?” The universal response was, “Oh certainly. We call them ‘The Mean Party.’”

When Obama succeeds, and he will, how sadly amusing will these pathetic dystopian’s seem, and how strange, that anyone, ever, took them seriously. There will be much to blame them for. War, pollution, and disease, chief among them.

More later…