Pat Buchanan Is Un-American

“I don’t believe there’s a great salvation in (our) political process at all. I believe in far different things. I mean, I put Democracy far down the line. I think a devoutly Christian, Conservative, Traditionalist country, even if it’s a Monarchy, is fine with me.” Pat Buchanan on Hardball with Chris Mathews 6-18-09

…And No Friend To Freedom

At last a Republican spokesperson has come right out and said it. Listen to him here. They don’t like democracy.

Mathews: “You are not what you call derisively, a ‘democratist.’” To which PB gave the above answer.

Now here’s what I think. It’s time for the media to poll elected Republicans and ask them flat out, yes or no, is our democracy something you support? Is our constitution something you can pledge allegiance to? That is something voters have a right to know. This is a man, after all, who ran for President of the United States several times. Would he have refused to take an oath to preserve our constitution?

As I said in a previous harangue, people the world over love their homeland wherever they come from. The difference is that America is supposed to stand for an ideal that was spawned in The Enlightenment period of Western Civilization. I have never met a Republican who understands or appreciates the difference. The current Republican culture has betrayed their disdain for free speech, voting rights, democracy, other cultures, or anything outside of their narrow bourgeois sensibilities. Their ghastly and despicable campaign in 2008 offers plenty of evidence to that.

Democrats and independents must really take heed and understand this: Republicans hate you. They hate you with the same vitriolic loathing that most people reserve for child molesters (I’m not kidding, didn’t McCain attempt to brand Obama as wanting to teach sex to kindergartners? The right wing floated ads in Minnesota branding Al Frankin as a pornographer. Why? Because they know that their base will believe it.) Republicans sneer at your Idealism and consider anyone who isn’t cynical and treacherous in the name of personal greed and advancement as unrealistic. Democrats simply don’t carry the same bilious hatred in their souls for anyone the way Republicans hate them. Most Dems refuse to believe that it’s true, but it is. When John McCain snapped at Tom Brokaw during a debate during the 2008 presidential election that he wouldn’t appoint Brokaw Secretary of the Treasury, it wasn’t merely a “towel snapping moment” as one pundit quipped, what he meant was, he wouldn’t trust the economy with a filthy liberal like Brokaw. The same contempt was seen in another debate when he couldn’t even bring himself to look at Obama, or when he referred to Obama as “that one.” It was sheer hatred, pure and simple, naked and ugly. Liberals are just too nice to see it for what it really is. And now, after purging their party of all moderates, only the truly hateful Republicans remain. Frustrated by the failure of their ideology and the unmasking of their true motivations for endorsing that ersatz ideology, they are spilling out of the woodworks of our culture with their true beliefs, and it isn’t pretty.

So, the question remains for all Republicans, “Do you agree with Pat Buchanan, that a Theocratic Christian Monarchy would be better for America than the Secular Democracy that has been handed down from the Founding Fathers and articulated in our Constituion?”

Yes, or no.

More Later…