Let’s Plant Trees!


FDR in the 1930s employed 3 million Americans between the ages of 18-25 in the Civilian Conservation Corps, and among other good deeds, they planted five billion trees…
Called FDR’s Tree Army, the president, a passionate arborist, sent this army of young people into the vast American countryside and they made a contribution to society that we still enjoy.

FDR understood that the Great Dust Bowl that tragically swept through the south during the Great Depression, was not merely an act of god resulting from drought, but a man-made disaster resulting from deforestation.

As we all wait with baited breath for the Congress to act on Climate Change (are we turning purple yet?), here’s one solution that might just help as much or more than anything else. The whole world has watched with horror as the old growth forests, the rain forests, the Amazonian forests have all been chopped down, accelerating climate change, letting loose diseases, and devastating wild life that plays a vital role in our global ecological balance.

American Forests
Eden Project

As you can see, the noble yet tiny projects mentioned above show that there are plenty of good people working to reforest the earth, but these are, without a massive international effort behind them, token efforts.

Of course, there will be arguments against reforestation.
Can’t you hear the Republican/ Tory/ Conservatives now?

“Planting trees is wrong because it rewards them for failure.”
“If trees need help, let them earn it the way I did!”
“Those trees were here illegally in the first place, we should cut them all down!”

Planting trees, by the billion, could save us all.

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You heard it here.
–      JJP