Grevel Lindop On Bermuda Shorts

Grevel Lindop, of Manchester, England, Poet, Essayist, Robert Graves Scholar and editor of The White Goddess, plus DeQuincies’ Confessions Of An English Opium Eater, and one of the planet’s coolest dudes, author of dozens of books, incuding his latest, Travels On The Dance Floor, and Selected Poems, has this to say…Bermuda Shorts “has that feel and verbal texture of classic American writing about it.”

A Quick Note From Grevel!

Bermuda Shorts is a great book: it has that feel and verbal texture of classic American writing about it. The thing I admire most is the way each piece becomes a real short story: wherever it begins, it gradually winds in to an increasing focus and ends with an image – the chopped-down Esso sign, the final handshakes of the ‘Old school’ guy and his friends; or indeed the Haunted Crucifix itself in that basement with the children. Probably what Joyce would have called ‘epiphanies’. They certainly stay in the reader’s memory – like good poetic images, which in a way they are.
You must be very proud of this collection, and not least because it has so much of yourself in it, Jimmy. Having written that, or typed it anyway, it comes to me that in many ways this book is also an autobiography, only without the self-importance. I hope it’s been as well received in the States as it deserves to be. – Grevel

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