Winter’s A-Comin’! Part II

There’s only one thing corporate America hates more than paying their fair share of taxes, and that’s paying American workers a fair and decent wage. There follows a current rant on unemployment, the “I” of the Newt, a middle finger for the voters in Michigan, a tax the rich harangue, and some pretty darn good speech writing suggestions for Mr. Obama

Standing in Line at United Airlines, waiting to check in for a flight to Rome recently, a strange revelation: There must have been 1,000 passengers shuffling through Disney style cutback lines that stretched as far as the eye could see, to be checked in to their flights by the half dozen or fewer tellers on duty. Overseas travelers, as I’m sure you’re aware, can’t check in online. And as we stood in that long long line, the long long bank of unmanned teller stations stared back at us contemptuously. Those unmanned teller stations, so ubiquitous in Corporate America, are a reminder that those unspent salaries are going into some executives’ bonus package instead of to American workers who desperately need the jobs. “Fuck you, and your unemployment!” American corporateers seem to be saying. Getting to the airport two hours early has nothing to do with security. It is the favor we do them so they can cut back on salaries, benefits, and jobs. Meanwhile, they take the salaries they are NOT paying to workers THEY WON’T HIRE, so that a small handful of already wealthy people can have that money instead.

Of course, it’s not just United Airlines, think of that big fat Fuck You America, every time you walk into a crowded corporate store, and see those unmanned teller stations, Verizon, Wall Mart, CVS, big airlines, supermarkets, etc., and don’t forget that for every corporate franchise you now depend on for your food and clothing and essential needs, there was once a small business, perhaps many small businesses, genuine entrepreneurs by the way, that provided your community with the same services, shouldered out of the way or brutally stamped out of existence when the corporate shop moved into your town or neighborhood.

ITEM: The of the Newt! Democrats would be wise to take this creep very seriously. He is the original architect of the gridlock that has newt-ered our government for almost twenty years. A reminder: Within weeks of Bill Clinton’s election in 1992, before he was even inaugurated, a little known, mean little fat boy, was seen on C-Span addressing the republicans in congress with a startling edict: We need to make sure Bill Clinton is a one term president. We do that by voting as a block against each and every piece of legislation he sends to the Hill. It doesn’t matter if it’s good for your district, or even good for the country. Because what’s ultimately best for the country will be the removal of this president from office. And deep down in their DNA, republicans who hate liberals with a bile that liberals cannot even fathom, relate to this. Someone said recently, “Newt Gingritch sounds to stupid people they way they imagine a smart person speaks.”

Right on.
And as for his remark that poor kids should have to stay after school to clean the rich kids toilets? He should be stripped naked and forced to run a gauntlet through every poor neighborhood in America.

ITEM: Dear Michigan, SHAME ON YOU! For Public Act 4.

ITEM: Why do rich people need huge and huger tax breaks? Because by denuding the middle class of its ability to earn and spend money, they no longer have anyone able to buy their goods, so the only way they can stay rich is if Uncle Sam gives them a pass on paying their fair share of taxes. The tax breaks they get denudes the system of any and all incentives for the 1% to create jobs, not the other way around.

The facts of the matter are simply that a rich person doesn’t need public transportation, health care, public education, or even a job. So they are naturally against helping pay for those things. This is regardless of the fact that their insistance on paying as little as possibele diminishes the talent pool they must draw from to operate their businesses and is destructive to the infra structure of the system that allowed them to acquire wealth in the first place…sigh…

Memo to the wealthy…if you’re paying taxes, it means YOU ARE MAKING MONEY! So shut the fuck up and pay your fair share. And remember, history shows that recalcitrance in this area has truly dire consequenses for the ruling classes.

ITEM: If I were writing Obama’s speeches (oh boy!) they would go something like this:

You want a public health care option? Then I need four more Senators, none of whom can be named Lieberman!
So, you’re sick of the Tea Party? Then show the fuck up for the mid-term elections!
You don’t think corporations are people? Then quit voting for corporate fascists who stack the courts with rich racist assholes who promote their agenda through judicial activism.
You will never get rich yourselves by voting for these mo’fo’s!
You want out of Afghanistan and other foreign wars? Quit voting knee-jerk, saber-rattling, wrapped in the flag militarists stooges for the arms industry (hands down the largest industry in the world) into Congress, and for Pete’s sake, quit jumping to your feet to applaud the poor miserable bastards and bastard-ettes forced by our lousy economy to volunteer to be mercenaries for our corporate colonial armies! They need your pity, and your apologies, not your gratitude, and a civilian social service option or alternative to military service would be kinda nice for giving disaster relief here in America, rather than removing this talent from where they are truly needed most.
Above all, admit your guilt for voting to send them into these pathetic and horrible wars in the first place!
And by the way, quit blaming your president for your lazy, on again – off again – relationship with your own freakin’ democracy, he can’t do any of the things you want unless you’ve got his back!

How’m I doin’?

More later!