A Secret Woman Prose Poem

Sometimes someone surprises you with something so lovely you just can’t wait to share. Here, in response to reading a galley of Rose Solari’s forthcoming book from Alan Squire Publishing, a prose poem from Cynthia Matsakis. Enjoy!

In the middle of the morning, I found myself still in bed, lost in a book, until I looked up from the page and out the window. My bedroom is on the second floor and the window, really two windows, frames the open sky and tree tops. I could be anywhere. This morning it’s snowing, the sky is pearl white, and the calligraphy of interlacing branches is made more mysterious by the chalk white strokes of the snow, drifting in their rhythm. A single bird cries and I turn back to the woman on the page.. She is embarking upon a journey that will change everything, I suspect, in her world. And I trust her voice, at this moment, as much as I do the tree and sky. This is good I think to myself… imagining, for a moment, writing the author to say thank-you, and secretly pacing the words to her rhythms, like the snow is to the tree outside.
– Cynthia Matsakis