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Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm the man the first ten amendments to the American Constitution were intended to protect. That's right, it's me. I've read them, memorized a few even, and I can tell you, until further notice, I'm watching my back. Let's review: Bill of Rights


Book Launch Party! Thursday, June 14, The Old Bank Hotel, Oxford, England

Chris Andrews Publications, Ltd., of Oxford, England, announces it’s 30th Anniversary of continuous publishing, with the unveiling of A Secret Woman, by Rose Solari, and a display of Chris Andrew’s Photography! At The Old Bank Hotel, 92-94 High Street, Oxford England, Thursday, June 14, 2012. 7PM for 7:30!

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Bermuda Shorts and That Paris Year, Now On Amazon UK!

Bermuda Shorts, The Indy Best Seller in Essays and Lit Crit, by James J. Patterson, and That Paris Year, by Joanna Biggar, are now available on UK Amazon and Kindle!




Check'm out!


Find Your Bermuda Shorts!

Bermuda Shorts by James J Patterson, is available right here! And while you're at it, check out Rose Solari's upcoming novel A Secret Woman, (It's a sexy romp thru time and space!) due in April. And don't miss Joanna Biggar's That Paris Year, it's a must read for the traveller in us all! For news and notes on these and other fine authors, visit Alan Squire Publishing today!


Art Jericho, The Back Room Poets, And Me

Poet Rose Solari, and writer James J. Patterson, recently went to a poetry reading in the Jericho neighborhood of Oxford, England, and an art exhibit broke out! This is why we love this town! Cheers...

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A Secret Woman Prose Poem

Sometimes someone suprises you with something so lovely you just can't wait to share. Here, in response to reading a galley of Rose Solari's forthcoming book from ALan Squire Publishing, a prose poem from Cynthia Matsakis. Enjoy!

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